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fatgirl2slim [userpic]


March 21st, 2008 (11:11 am)

current mood: calm

Lol, ok so I got a lot of responses from yesterday's post where I was blabbing away not realizing just how "indulgent" I came across. Just to clarify I was really mindful of how much of what I was eating and I think some of the wording I used may have been misleading. Haha, well point is that I've been losing weight and I know what works for my body. Believe me, I'm an expert at losing weight for MY body so what seems to work for me may not apply to you.

I appreciate the concern from those of you who understand sarcasm and a sense of humor when they see it. All in all, most of what I wrote was truthful but exaggerated.

Today's Easter weekend friday w00t w00t, hope everyone is enjoying their vacation if they have one~! Will post a weigh-in by Tuesday. Hope everyone is doing fabulous and has their eye on the prize! Have a good day/weekend folks! ;)


fatgirl2slim [userpic]

Today's rant~

March 20th, 2008 (11:45 pm)

current mood: cheerful

So yea yesterday and today I've been having insane ice-cream/carb cravings and I went out and bought some lower-fat options that were priced 2 for 1 this week @ the market, such a bittersweet deal (nice on the wallet, but on the tummy is another story.. lol). I went and bought 2 and made sure I didn't end up binging and just had maybe 2 servings each (yea it's not great, but at least I didn't gorge myself silly lol) per day. My mom brought all these leftovers from my aunt's b-day party from last night home today which were so delish.. like really carby treats and sweets and I ate most of it. I'm not fretting though b/c I figure I deserve a treat every few days. I've been pretty committed to my exercise plan ever since I revamped it to reduce the length of time I was doing my entire workout, and it's worked like a charm in terms of keeping me from being paralyzed the next morning and getting depressed and not going to the gym until the following week :P

Tomorrow is Friday already woohoo! My friend invited me to a bar tomorrow and I'm worried about getting loaded and how it's going to affect my diet. I'm going to probably sneak in my own booze like diet coke and vodka, which is the most "diet-friendly", even though in general drinks are bad for diets but heck it's better than standard drinks calorie-wise. Does anyone know if rum is really bad for diets? I still have half a pint left from months ago that I need to get rid of. I don't know.. anywho, yea I'm scared about it affecting my diet but yea I need to have a social life so w/e I think it'll be worth it lol.

So yea all in all, I'm feeling good and think I'm making good progress. I hope I can get to my ultimate goal weight by summer, which I think is reasonable given the time frame. In any case, hope everyone is doing fantastic and keep me posted on how you're doing. Also, if ya need any advice on diet/exercise, feel free to ask me b/c I'm pretty well-read on lots of things related to diet, body health, exercise, working out etc. I'm not certified or anything, but I'll give ya a free honest opinion/advice/suggestion without an agenda like some trainers and dieticians. There's nothing I like more than helping others~ ;o)


fatgirl2slim [userpic]

First weigh-in in kg~

March 18th, 2008 (03:41 pm)

current mood: cheerful

Hi all, 

This is my first weigh-in on my weight loss crusade. I can only post my weight in kg since that's what my scale reads. I came in at:

Weight: 60.8 kg 
Height: 5'5"

My reading is actually great b/c I weighed around 66 kg for a while the past few months and haven't been weighing myself b/c I was too afraid to see my Stats. So yea I was a bit surprised. But yea I was 61 kg a few weeks ago and I notice that at that time I looked a lot more toned than I do today, and I know this b/c I can feel the way my thighs touch and also I fit pants differently. I don't think it's just my "perception".. so yea I don't understand how I could weigh less but be fatter? I'm wondering if I lost muscle mass? I'm a little confused about that, but in any case at least I made some progress. I will put in a weigh-in every Tuesday morning to track my progress. I'm not going to be a nazi about weighing myself everyday b/c it's pointless since our bodies are constantly changing weight due to several factors which have nothing to do with your weight loss efforts. 

Anywho, so that's that and I hope everyone else is doing fabulous! Finally is getting nice out, even more motivation :)


fatgirl2slim [userpic]

Mellow Monday~

March 17th, 2008 (11:54 am)

current mood: chipper

 Hi all,

So today is monday and spring is just around the corner. I've been doing pretty good on my diet and exercise so far. I have made it a point to stop exercising after a certain time so that I don't "overdo" it like usual, and ya know what? It's helped a lot! Not only am I hardly as sore, but I can manage to go to the gym more often because of it. Eating wise has been decent as well. So so far so good. I haven't weighed myself yet but promised a friend to wait until tom. b/c she's dieting as well and wanted to do weigh-ins tom. Anywho, cals wise I've been staying under my limit of 1,400 for now which is great, since I have trouble not exceeding the cal limits I set for myself usually. Anywho, I will post a weigh-in tom. in kg since I have a scale with kg on it tom. 

Hope everyone else is doing great and thanks for reading~! :)


fatgirl2slim [userpic]

Today's calorie intake/expenditure - Entry 3

March 14th, 2008 (11:06 pm)

current mood: disappointed

 Today's cals: Ouchhh... yea I would guesstimate 2,200-2,500...yea it's not pretty. 

::Sigh:: I guess it would have to do with having been feeling really sore since I went to the gym a couple of days ago.. my a** still hurts... literally... I just wish the areas I REALLY needed the work on (tummy!) would be sore for once :T. Anywho, sometimes I think psychologically I overeat if I feel like my recovery time from a gym session isn't as speedy as I'd like.. I mean I went to the gym literally two days ago.. yesterday I was in a whole lot of soreness/pain so I took it easy and ate alright, but yea today I think I just went nuts. Being in pain certainly can be depressing a/k/a binge-inducing. Ate a lot of JUNK too.. dont want to get into it b/c it's just depressing : x Anywho, whether I'm still sore tomorrow or not I'm lugging my butt to the gym and working it off if god's willing. 

I know logically it would seem I should just make my gym sessions less strenuous, but that's a type A "all or nothing" mentality for ya. When I do something I always take it to the extreme and I can't seem to control it. :T Anywho, I will finally step on the scale for the first time in a month this weekend. I'm just hoping I haven't gained too much since my last reading. 

So yea, I'm going to cut my losses for today and get my priorities straight first thing tomorrow. Diet-wise I'm going to try to eat "normal" amounts lol. 

Hope everyone else is doing great~!! :)


fatgirl2slim [userpic]

Today's calorie intake/expenditure - Entry 2

March 13th, 2008 (08:11 pm)

current mood: tired

 Today's tally: about 1,700 calories
No Exercise

Was extremely sore/tired all day today. Have had about 2 hours of sleep since yesterday. Taking it easy until I feel better for now. Ate pretty poorly today, had a butt-load of peanut butter from the jar :P Anywho hopefully won't be too sore tomorrow or at least by Saturday so I can at least get a little cardio in there. Anywho, let me know how y'all are doing and thanks for visiting ^^


fatgirl2slim [userpic]

Today's calorie intake/expenditure - Entry 1

March 12th, 2008 (11:46 pm)

current mood: blah

1/2 bag of almonds: 120
Salmon sashimi:  300? ate a lot..
Chicken: 90
boca burger: 80
Pineapple: 15
Grapefruit: 110
Orange: 100
fruit snack: 40
Sweet potato: 50
Cheese: 70
Total:  975 

Exercise:  1x

Weight: too fat/bloated (on period)/shamed to weigh myself, will weigh self on weekend.

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